T.R. Sundaresan is the Founder of
Sannidi Academy of Music & Arts

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Chennai 'December Music Festival' 2019
Notable performances and workshops:

Festival of India to Switzerland and other European countries by ICCR – 1987

Talavadhya program conducted for BBC Earls court Radio show - 1988

150th year of Indian commemoration in British Guyana – South America Indian Vice
President Dr. Shankardhayal Sharma inaugurated. ICCR - 1989

Festival of India Closing ceremony at USSR with the group of artistes Indian and Russian
Chamber Orchestra led by Pt. Ravishankar ICCR - 1989

Taken part in the world String Instruments festival at Berlin, KIT-Tropan and also other European countries to accompany Vainika Smt. Rajeswari Padhmanabhan - 1990

Rhythm Ensemble - East Asian Countries, Japan, Indonesia and Bangkok ICCR - 1991
World percussion Festival at Berlin – 1992

Conducted workshops and performed concerts in various European countries with Mr. Ludwig Pesch, a Carnatic Flute artiste and a Musicologist – 1995 to 2002 Workshops conducted in Universities, Schools, Music Conservatoriums, Psychiatric consultation centers, Rehabilitation centers and Schools for special children.

Programs also performed for Sangeetha Nataka Academy events at Delhi and other North East states like Guwahati, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland etc.

Mentorship program in Melbourne and Sydney for training Students for Mridangam Graduation Concerts (Arangetrams) several Students has been specially trained for Graduation concerts – 2002 to 2015

Long Night Indian Music Concerts by house of World Culture and ICC Indian Cultural Center Berlin - 2002

Vocal Music Festival at Finland – 2003

Performed a series of concerts for the KIT-Tropan theatre Nederland and Belgium - 2003

Visited Nepal for an invited audience concerts for special gathering of Government – ICCR – 2004

Year 2005 performed Mridanga Mahayagnam, playing the Mridangam continuously for 42 hours at Singapore as a prayer to Mother Nature.

Performed a series of concerts for the KIT-Tropan theatre Nederland and Belgium - 2005
Performed for the Indian President Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam visit to Singapore Indian fine Arts Society. His poetries were taken and specially tuned for the Orchestration performance in 2006

Traveled to Seoul, South Korea as representative of Indian Classical music for the International Buddhist conventional conference - 2008

Special concerts for the Indian High commission, Singapore and concerts for the Singapore President S.R.Nathan - 2011

Srilanka tour to Colombo and Jaffna ICCR - 2015

Travelling and performing in Australia invited by Karpagavalli - A Carnatic Music Organisation - 2016 and 2019

Invited by Rangashree Dances of India form the year 2012 for graduation concerts, workshops and compositions.

2019 - USA Portland – Was invited for a series of workshops. Performed four Veena concert by ‘Karaikudi Voyage’ by the 10th and 11th generation of the Great Vinika Tradition Karrakkudi Style.


Co Authored with Mr. Ludwig Pesch Eloquent Percussion:A Guide to South Indian Rhythm by Eka.Grata publications
Resource person for rhythm and percussion – The Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music by Mr.Ludwig Pesch.
Teaching and Mentorship:
Worked as Mridangam Lecturer at Kalakshetra Foundation Chennai from 1984 to 2002.

Working as guest lecturer for Mentorship Programs on Layam - Kalakshetra Foundation and Tamil Nadu Music University.

Worldwide students are trained to come up to a level of taking Graduation concerts and also taking their grade in the Broadcasting media AIR


Sannidi Academy of Music and Arts, a no profit organisation founded in the year 2011 is a platform for performances in Classical Arts. Sannidi encourages aspiring artistes by providing a platform for performances.