As recorded T.R. Sundaresan has played Mridangam nonstop for 42 hours called the “Mridanga Maha Yagnam”, from 5am 1st of May 2005 to 11.06pm 2nd of May 2005.

Performances Radio and Television broadcasts with many eminent musicians all over India

Performances and percussion workshops in many European countries since 1987. Festival of India in 1987, Berlin Radio Live year 2000, the KIT Tropentheatre (Indian Music series), Netherlands, Belgium, 1991, 2003 and 2005.

Long Indian Night in Berlin: SFB Radio concert with Vainika Smt.Rajeswari Padhmanabhan in 2001.

Mridangam Lecturer in The College of Fine Arts, Kalakshetra Foundation, Madras for eighteen years.

Pandit Ravishanker in his “Swar Milan” troupe for the closing ceremony of Festival of India in Russia.

Conduct the “LAYAVICHTRA” Earls court, BBC Radio Show, LONDON in the year 1988.

Performed in Switzerland for the Festival of India in 1987.

Guyana Festival in 1988 as part of the President’s visit to British Guyana for the 150th year of commemoration of Indians.

Conducted workshops in Germany, especially for the mentally retarded children and also in the rehabilitation centres.

Conducted music therapy in Caducius clinic for psychiatric consultation, Bad-Bevenson, Germany.

String instrument Music Festival Concert, Berlin University in the year 1991.

Perform in the Indo-Japan Joint Cultural Festival in Japan, Indonesia & Bangkok in the year 1991.

Has been training students, of “BHARATHALAYA “, Melbourne, Australia as a visiting professor and to conduct their “ARANGETRAMS” (Initiation to stage performances). 

Is currently  working as Mridangam tutor in Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, SIFAS, for more than seven years.  

He was the leading composer of Orchestra called  "​​Giri Samkeertana Sangamam".  a theme-based on the celebration of Human Life.

Has been associated with the Rangashree Dances of India Los Angels for their Graduation performances, new compositions and workshops since six years. ​​

Currently being a Mentor for specialised  subject to create Laya awareness at Rukmini Devi College of Fine Arts, kalakshetra Foundation. ​ ​
T.R. Sundaresan is the Founder of
Sannidi Academy of Music & Arts

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